Tír na nÓg Playcare
                     Exclusive home childcare for infants & tweenies

The Irish believe in a place called
 Tír na nÓg, where you never grow old.

...Tir na nOg existed somewhere between the horizon of the sea. The sky glows with a beautiful bight light, and everywhere there are boys and girls laughing and singing...

              I've grown up a lot in the last 5 months

2 Spaces available to use as Temp positions starting mid November; These spaces can be used thru February for full/part time or drop in care. 

Situations tend to change and jobs can c
ome and go at a moments noti
ce so please add your name to the
 wait list regardless of when you might need care because sometimes openings can and have happened without warning.

Open spaces will be used for drop-in care until filled with a contracted family; Additional hours available for holiday shopping

I will call you within 24 hours once I receive your contact information. Please note - because I specialize in babies under 2 years old, I only offer short term
 contracts of 3 or 6 month once a child is 15 months old (State considers 16 months and older to be Toddlers)



Tír na nÓg Playcare
was created years ago with the clear intention of being unique. My philosophy is simple. Focus on one thing, and be the best at it. For me, it's babies. The care of infants and "tweenies" (youngest toddlers) is a specialized service and requires a certain understanding  and temperament.  The way in which little ones are handled directly affects the perception they have of themselves and in turn, how they view others. The first two years of a child's life are the most important; they shape his or her future. My home is set up specifically for the littlest angels...  

I strive to make it easier on parents by giving them the knowledge that their children are in good hands no matter how many hours they must be away. I invite you to look over my site and see for yourself what makes my home so special. I wish you the very best in your search for the perfect match in child care, for your little one.  

I have a very simple program... it includes music, story time after lunch, learning about nature, how to dress, playing with natural based toys, handmade wooden blocks, playsilks and so much more. When families are touring my home one of the first things they notice is the uncluttered, but "homey" atmosphere. They then begin to wonder where all the accessory equipment is, such as high chairs, walkers, swings and cribs. The answer is that I don't own most of these pieces of equipment (I do have bouncers & PNP's with Bassinets). I believe they inhibit an infants ability to freely move about and explore: The children's room is modeled similar to that of an Infant Montessori or NIDO.

                                 Nope, not twins

  •                         TLC for babes 1-18 months 
  •                         Full /Part time contracted Monday thru Friday 
  •                         Daily or Drop-in care; By appointment, 24 hrs advance notice
  •                         Closed most weekends (except specials) & on Major Holidays
  •                         Cash or Credit/Debit cards accepted; No checks 
  •                         Home cooked, Organic meals including baby foods
  •                         1st Birthday Party and Holiday parties
  •                         An Eco-Healthy childcare home 
  •                         Breast feeding, Cloth diaper friendly
  •                         No Pets, No Drugs, Non-Smoking
  •                         Infant CPR/1st Aid/AED certified 
  •                         Criminal Background checked
  •                         Mix of Montessori & Eco-toy/Age appropriate activities 

                                                                I like flowers

 Lets face it, babies and waddlers don't need be in a
 home so over full of toy and gadgets they can't move anymore than they need to be in a sterile daycare facility - Kids learn naturally THRU PLAY and EXPLORATION. I help kids foster imagination, independence of thought and action, and a positive self image in a small home environment.

Infants are allowed to choose toys and activities that match up to their interest and age level. They are supervised on an ongoing basis. How infants spend their free time will change as they grow into toddlers. The kids are exposed to old time rag, world, ambient, kiddie classics and many other kinds of music. They are also exposed to basic French (alphabet, foods, colors, songs, pems etc). Story time and learning activities are incorporated into the children's playtime; all without the help of a TV; (FYI, learning through play is the only method of early education that is sanctioned by the National Association for the Education of Young Children). Most importantly, little ones are loved, hugged,  comforted, and focused on the entire day! 

I do not have a set daily schedule because infants should be fed when they are hungry and put to bed when they are sleepy. Throughout each day we practice on reaching, grasping, rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, throwing, catching, kicking, cooing and talking; I do the ABC's during diaper changes, colors when playing with play silks and incorporate learning into everyday activities. 

My days also start and end at different times  
dependent on which children are here each day, so I might not need to fix snack bottles one day, or I could have 4 littles learning their table manners at lunchtime

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