PLEASE read the entire website before contacting me; It would be such a shame to waste both our time if you do not agree with my fees and policies.  

Once I have received your name, address, PHONE #, age of your child (or due date), potential start, days & hours needed, I will call you within 24 hours unless I'm on vacation... 

During our phone interview, you will be asked to call at a certain time on the day of your "Meet & Greet"  and get the address to my home... this is to verify you are coming and is a safety measure to make sure my address isn't just given out randomly. I offer Meet and greets on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays only between 6-8pm.

My time is just as important as yours and I expect that if you set up a meeting that you make every effort to keep the appointment or to at least have the courtesy to call (or text) and cancel if you don't intend to show. I will do the same should something come up... please make sure I have a working daytime contact number. 

I feel it is very important that I meet both parents (if applicable) and the baby (if arrived); The relationship between parents, babies and their childcare providers is a very important one and meeting everyone involved is the key to success. 


NOTE: Tir na nOg is not a good fit for everyone; I run a small, family childcare home. My illness policy is strict, I adhere to newer regulations because of my ECO certification and my holiday and vacation closures are sometimes a challenge for families, however, I take set breaks to avoid burn-out. I feel that what I offer far outweighs those things. 

FAQs about my waitlist...

1.  How long is the wait?

Depending on the current child care climate in our area, the length of the waitlist can vary. I have had waits of 6 months, just to turn around and have a family quit no notice... that in turn opens a space immediately.

2. Do part time openings become available more often than full time?  I prefer to fill my spots with a Full time child. I require that Families that work part time schedules with varying days contract a full time space because of the constant change in days and hours needed and because I have very limited spots. At this time I only offer Full time or Daily options.

3. Can I stop in anytime and have a look around?
I would be thrilled to have you stop by and visit my home, however, in order to maintain a safe, secure and trusting environment for the families already enrolled in my program, I ask that you make an appointment to visit after hours. Parents/guardians of children who currently attend are welcome to drop in at any time during hours their child is in my home. 

4. How come a family who applied after us was offered a space first?  This will ONLY happen if the family's requested schedule better matches the current opening or availability.  For example, a family looking for full time care may be offered the space if another family higher on the waitlist only wants a Daily position. 

5. Will we get updates about where we are on the list?  Unfortunately, I do not send out updates about waitlist status as my current children keep me plenty busy.  However, families on the wait list are always welcome to e-mail or text me at any time to see where you are or if any changes have occurred.  

6. What if we find alternate arrangements while on the waitlist?  If at any time, your child care needs change or you no longer wish to be on my waitlist, I would appreciate a quick e-mail or text so that I may keep the information on my waitlist as current as possible. 

7. Is there any way to get a spot sooner?
The best way to secure a spot in any child care is to start your search as soon as possible.  State licensing ratios and regulations have a big impact on the number of child that I can have in care at one time (1:4 licensed or licensed exempt for homes for children under 24 months)... Infant and toddler openings are the hardest spaces to find so start your search early.  

Full time spaces are always filled before Daily. I do my best to work with part time families that want to use Drop-in care, but often times the varying schedules make it impossible to always have an opening on the days requested. Placing a payment for a full time space will guarantee your spot as a Drop-in position is never guaranteed to be available.

8. Can you recommend another provider or center while we wait?  While I do network with other providers in the area, I don't like to give referrals as choosing a child care should be a personal experience and based on your family's individual needs.  

9.  What happens next?  The waiting list offers "right of first refusal" for available openings; families will be offered available openings according to priority, date of application, and how closely the requested child care schedule fits the available opening. After being offered an opening you have 48 hours to accept or decline the offered opening. If you choose to decline the opening or I do not hear back from you, your name will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list or removed if you are no longer interested. I also keep interviewing to fill positions if I have not heard back within the 48 hours allotted.

If you choose to accept the opening you must submit a signed contract and enrollment fee within 48 hours to hold the spot for your child; Verbal confirmation will not hold a space... 

Tir na nÓg